Sorry this weeks update is late, between projects, loss of internet connection, and traveling back to MI it just did not happen.

Anhi: Obedience is coming along fine. A very willing student.

Vanna: Finished Collar conditioning. Doing some light retrieving work.

Dandy: Getting her obedience back on track. Did some light retrieving work with bumpers. very good.

Cemmy: Falling right back into the working schedule and all is well. Did some drill work this week.

Violet: Learning drills and perfecting sitting at a distance from me.

Sia: Learning drills and doing some basic marks. All is good.

Sonny: Keeping up on obedience, drills, and getting in some basic marks too. Doing fine.

Albert: Drills Obedience and basic marks are all good. Attitude is about his best ever, marchering nicley.

Remington: Obedince and drills for the most part. Keeping him under controle is always work.

Chili: Drills and light marks are great.

Scout: Drills and marking fine. Good attitude.