Full scheduale this week, as we have migrated south to warmer temps. Remington, sonny, and Sia ended up staying north, they will be down in April.

Anhi: Doing good, did not forget to much. Sit, heel, and down all coming along nicely.

Gunner: He is a Vanna littermate, born here a year ago. Gunner will be with us for about 10 weeks. His obedience is fair, sit, heel, and down are all doing good.

Vanna: Starting hold and doing great.

Dandy: Here is no longer a request and we are starting 3 handed cast. Doing fine.

Violet: Still haveing sit issues, but making progress. Attitude is great.

Cemmy: Back in FULL force. Man is she making me work. Hopefully I can get her under control for a hunt test (jr) the 1st weekend of April.

Albert: Marks and blinds doing great, fixing some old issue's (popping).

Chili: Having fun and training good, marks and blinds. Ready for sr hunting tests.

Scout: Running hard with a great attitude. Working towards master and his attitude is great.

Going to be in the 70's this week so should get into some water work.