Anhi: Force to Pile coming along fine. Concentrating on obedience as we are having some issue's there.

Bunsy: Sit to Pile is done. The boy is doing very well

Gunner: Home with the family as scheduled. He should transfer back just fine.Worked well for Todd and I believe he is going to make a very capable hunting dog his 1st year. Can not wait for fall to hear how he does.

Vanna: Mini T doing very good. Obedience is also good, shows her age of just a year though.

Dandy: Has been on the injured list for most of the week. Trying to tune up her obedience up while she she is off from field work.

Violet: Mini T is great and working on doubles.

Cemmy: Mini T is great and she passed her 2nd Jr test.

Sonny: Mini T is great and marks are fine too. As high as ever

Remington:High and full of himself. Still not sure if I will compete him again.

Albert: Improving and maturing every day. Failed his SR test at Mid south, but showed alot of improvement from last year.

Sia: Doing great, entered next Friday in his 1st Sr test at Mid TN.

Scout:Entered in his 1st MH test at mid-Tn. Been training like he is ready.