Anhi: Ear Pinch doing good. Large Bumper off ground almost done. Water marks doing good, not much sit. Drive is great.

Bunsy: Land Marks, Water Marks, and some simple doubles all doing good. Wearing out pretty fast, not acclimated to the heat.

Gunner:3 Handed Cast done. Starting Force to Pile and doing great. Marks doing good, lead steady.

Vanna:Force to pile doing good. Land and Water Marks doing good lead steady.

Dandy:Sit to Pile O.K. Not steady for Marks, swimming is not the best.

Violet: 3 Handed Cast doing good. Land and Water marks doing good. Swimming good.

Cemmy: Walking Base Ball, Land Marks doing good. Running hard.

Sia: All marks good. Falling right back into training. 

Remington. NEEDS Control, otherwise good.

Sonny:His Fathers son (Remington).Needs control but not as much as Rem.

Albert: Improving everyday, little by little. Marks and blinds doing fine.

Scout: Running the best he ever has. Marks and blinds. Land and Water.