Reese: Doing good force fetch is almost done, just collar fetch left. Obedience is good.

Violet: Learning fast, doing 3 handed cast. Having lots of fun too.

Bunsy: Marking very well and runing hard.

Smokey: Passed 1 and failed 1 JH test at Finger Lakes Hunt Test this weekend. Found a small training issue, already starting to fix it.

Sia: Done with Swim-by and marking well.

Sonny: Earned his JH Title at Finger Lakes this past weekend. He was handled on all passes by his 15 yaer old owner. Congradulations Jonny and Sonny!!!!

Albert: Failed agian, but new issues still doing better and working good.

Scout: Passed 1 and failed 1 SH this past weekend. Not sure what happened to him on Sunday, just a doggie brain fart.