Anhi: 3 Handed Cast and marks doing well. Received a 3pt Major at the dog show (conformation) over the weekend in Franklin TN.

Bunsy: Marks good, steading and sit to pile coming fast.

Gunner: Drooling getting better. Sit to pile done, marks land and water good. Moving on to mini t and TT.

Vanna: Marks land and water good. Sit to Pile started, confused but learning.

Dandy:Still working on Sit to Pile. Sits are improving nicely.

Violet: Marks great, steady. Sit to pile done and moving on to TT main line. Received a 3pt major at the dog show this past weekend (conformation).

Cemmy. Marks and drive3 great. Steady near perfect. Going to redo TT with her, started main line TT.

Sonny; High, nuts. Marking well land and water. Steady ok. Handling poor.

Remington: Marking well, steady good. Needs more control, seems willing to work.

Albert: Marks and Blinds doing good most days. Happy and running hard.

Sia: Doing good marks and blinds. Will break once in awhile.

Scout: Doing very good marks, blinds, and attitude. Finished his show champion title last weekend with back to back 3pt major wins.(conformation)