Anhi:Having some Obedience issue's, Been concentrating get that fixed this week. Doing ok.

Bunsy: Had a bad week in the beginning, seem to have ended on an up note.

Vanna:Done on miniT and I will wait till I am back North to move on. Obedience has been very good.

Dandy: Still limping once in awhile and has regressed in obedience. Even knocked her owner down this week.

Violet: MiniT and obedience have been great this week. Getting all our ducks in a row, FINALLY.

Cemmy: Doing very well all around. Passed 2 JH tests this weekend.

Sonny: Doing very good all around, finally getting some control.

Remington:I wish Remington was as under control as his son sonny. When he wants to be a team player he is great, when he thinks he can do it all, he will not listen at all.

Sia: Doing good, needs more sit. Broke at the hunt test this week end.

Albert:Needs work on casting, everything else seems to be falling in line.

Scout: Doing good unless he over heats before I can work him then just wants to quit.