Anhi: Obedience training, doing fine.

Vanna: Obedeince training coming along fine.

Dandy: Obedeince tunu-up going good, no problems.

Cemmy: Obedeince Tune-up and knee rehab. Doing great.

Violet: Obedience tune-up and remedial sit , doing great. We will fianlly have sit.

Sia: Obedeince Tune-up and a little hunting. Doing good.

Sonny: Obedience tune-up and fixing a sit (steadieness) issue. Doing great.

Albert: Obedince tune- up and geting ready for rally and CD work. Doing great.

Remington: Pulling him out of moth balls, obedience tune-up going great. Will will see if the boy wants to work my way.

Scout: Obedience tune-up and a little hunting too. Doing great.

Chili:Another one I am pulling out to see if they want to work. Been hunting and doing great, even getting some steadieness, her main issue.