Anhi: Walking Fetch and Marks doing good. Needs more swimming.

Bunsy:3 Handed Cast learning fast. Marks are good.

Gunner: Working on Sit to Pile. Marks are good. Swimming good. Not riding in truck too well, drools.

Vanna: Sit to Pile is O.K. Have some Line Manner issues to fix.

Dandy:Sit all around needs work. AM working on this from several angles, at heel and remote. Doing fine.
Violet:Marks good. Sit to Pile has shown some line manner issues and should strengthen her sit. More confusing showing up, working through fine.

Cemmy.Blinds poor. Marks great. Needs some endurance training.

Sia: Doing Fine.

Remington: Still needs CONTROL. Man is he high.

Sonny: Doing a little better than Rem but about the same issue's.

Albert: Coming back as girls come out of season. Doing fine. Worked out of boat, did good.

Scout: Having fun and meeting challenges head on. Getting some old issues (like Popping) worked out.