Reese: doing ok. Just need to get him picking up thrown bumpers and ducks.

Violet: Done with 3 handed Cast and ready to move on. Swimming better too.

Bunsy: Running JH marks. Ready for his WD test.

Smokey: Passed both her JH tests this weekend. Way to go Smokey, 3 out of 4 and 1 to go!!! Issue from last week FIXED.

Sia: Taught blinds going GREAT. Ran his 1st cold water blind, Great.

Albert: Failed both days this week too. Found his issue. It is LACK OF COMMUNICATION, will be easy to fix. No tests for 2 mounths so lots of time.

Scout: NEW SENIOR HUNTER!!!!!!!! On to Master, has same issue as Albert, same handler too. Will be fixed and ready to run master end of September at Mid-South Hunt Test. The next test I will be entering.