Anhi: Doing better. She is doing very good for her owner, and will be staying home for the summer in TN.

Vanna: Good this week, did not advance much do to going North on Tuesday. Attitude is great and ready to head back to MI.

Dandy: Seems to be all healed finally. Doing good and ready to head north, this will be her 1st trip up.

Violet: Doing good, not much advancement either. Ready to head home to MI.

Cemmy: Doing good and confirmed she is now a Junior Hunter.Heading to MI and ready to get back into a full training and competition schedule.

Sonny: Doing good also ready to head home to MI. Has not seen his boy in months, getting closer to running Senior every day.

Remington: Has not acclimated well to the weather at all, very ready for cooler MI. Seems to be wanting to work more lately.

Sia: Doing fine, seems to be getting higher and wanting to go more. Heading back to Mi and ready to cool off a little.

Albert: Doing fine, ready to head north and get into more senior tests.

Scout: Doing very well, ready to head home to MI. He always misses his mommy when he is gone.

Its been a fun and interesting spring trip. Cemmy titled for her JH and I have found what to work on for the boy's. Also got a lot of yard work and water work into the younger crew. Heading out early a.m. so this is the last update from TN, next week we will be updating on the trip and dogs training in MI.

  A BIG "THANK YOU" to all our service people on this Memorial Day