Anhi: Obedience doing very good. Heel,sit, down and stays all coming together. Also working on conformation show stand, that is good too.

Vanna: Obedience is going great. Heel, sit, down, stays and here all being learned quickly.

Dandy: Obedience tune-up good, ready for some field tune-up next.

Cemmy: Obedience tune-up good, knee is all heeled this coming week so light field work on the way.

Violet: Obedience tune-up great. Ready for some field work.

Sia: Obedience tune-up very good. Ready for field work, steadiness drills await.

Sonny: Obedience tune-up great, better than expected. Ready to see if we can sit for field work.

Albert: Obedience tune-up great. Ready for field work and even CD obedience show.

Remington: Obedience tune-up good, another pleasant surprise. Maybe he will stay under control in the field now.

Scout : Obedience tune-up great, hunting very good too. Finished duck season on Sunday with 2 ducks.

Chili: Obedience tune-up good. Also steady in hunting this week.