Anhi:Doing very good. Collar Conditioning done and well into hold. Going a little slower than most of my dogs, but making progress every day.

Gunner: Trained Retrieve through walking fetch is done. Having some issues withe collar fetch.

Vanna:Done with all of the Trained Retrieve and well on her way in 3 Handed Cast.

Dandy: Doing well with Force to Pile.

Violet: Have decided to take Her back to 3 Handed Cast and start over. Having some confusion even at this stag.

Cemmy: Trained great all week and past her 1st JH hunt test. Slight delivery issue other wise she was great.

Albert:  Lost mind girls in season. Hopefully better this week.

Chili: Broke at another hunt test, automatic failure. Spayed today and am reconsidering her competitive status.

Scout: Lost mind, not as bad as his son but not concentrating either.