Anhi: Obedince good. Took a Reserve Winners Bitch 1 day at the Atlanta dog show this past weekend.

Vanna: Obedince good, started collar conditioning.

Dandy. Obedince good, recall is being tested. Retrieving good, hand thrown bumpers.

Cemmy: Off the injured list. Obedenice good. Blind work O.K. for the time off. Glad to be working agian.

Violet: Obedince good. Was at the Atlanta dog show this past weekend.

Sia: Obedince good. Doing blind work pretty good.

Sonny: Obedince good. Blind work and wagon wheel drills o.k., alot of dog to keep in line.

Albert: Obedince and wagon wheel/blinds very good. Trying hard to work with me.

Remington: Obedince good. Wagon Wheel and blind work,oh boy, I work harder than him. Hopefully I can keep him in line.

Scout: Obedince good. Took Reserve Winners Dog all 3 days at the Atlanta Dog show. Poor Scout always the bridesmaid.

Chili: Obedince, Wagon Wheel and blinds all very good. Maybe she really is ready to work as a team.