Still on a restricted training schedule this week a little obedience drills and some fun for all.

Vanna: Went to her 1st conformation dog show this weekend. Behaved very well, was not affected by all the new expereinceses at all. All so won her puppy class. Was just there on Sunday.

Violet: was at the dog show all weekend. Behaved fairly well, did not do too much in the ring.

Albert: Dog show all weekend, Behaved but did not do any good in  the ring. Being a Champion already it is either all or nothing for him at a show.

Scout: Dog show all weekend too. Behaved and took a 5 point Major on Sunday, WAY TO GO SCOUT.

All these dogs are headed back down to TN today, next update from warm and sunny TN will be on a full feild training schedule.