Anhi: Done with 3 Handed Cast. Doing good.

Bunsy: Sit to pile is coming. Marks fine.

Gunner: Mini T is coming along fine. Steady and marks are pretty good.

Vanna:Finished Sit to Pile. Teaching TT main line. Started Water Force. Marks and steady fine.

Dandy: Still working on Sit to Pile, Limping agian.

Violet: Mini T sit and casts doing very well. Working out of her confusion quickly. Marks are fine. Water force was started.

Cemmy: Mini T doing very good, water force good. Marks great.

Sonny: Marks ok, Mini T ok. Sits are good, cast not so much.CRAZY

Remington: High but running well.

Albert: Doing very well all the way around. A little bit of improvement every day.

Sia: Doing very well, taking everything in stride.

Scout: Doing very good. Trying hard and working well.