Axle: 1 more day of Collar Conditioning and on to Force Fetch. Doing just fine.

Rowdy: Force fetch is going great, hold only took 2 days. Picking the buck off the ground today. Retrieving well in the field too. 

Vanna: Doing well on land and water marks. Blinds need some work, still a little confused.

Anhi: Still not swimming well.

Violet: Blinds better, sits good, marks doing fine.

Cemmy: Running hard and doing great. May be coming in season, we plan to breed her.

Sonny: NUUUUTTTSSSSSS!!!!!     Land and marks good water blinds, not so well..

Dandy: Doing fine on hand throwns when mom is not around.

Albert: Finished his CD title and coming on strong in the field.

Chilli: Trying to strengthen and condition her physically. Older dog just not in the swing yet. Training is good blinds and marks.

Scout: OK His poor working attitude is getting a little better. Trying to let him have fun.