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26 July Update

Posted by David on Monday, July 26, 2010,
Reese: doing ok. Just need to get him picking up thrown bumpers and ducks.

Violet: Done with 3 handed Cast and ready to move on. Swimming better too.

Bunsy: Running JH marks. Ready for his WD test.

Smokey: Passed both her JH tests this weekend. Way to go Smokey, 3 out of 4 and 1 to go!!! Issue from last week FIXED.

Sia: Taught blinds going GREAT. Ran his 1st cold water blind, Great.

Albert: Failed both days this week too. Found his issue. It is LACK OF COMMUNICATION, will be easy to fix. No tests ...
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19 July Update

Posted by David on Wednesday, July 21, 2010,
Reese: Doing good force fetch is almost done, just collar fetch left. Obedience is good.

Violet: Learning fast, doing 3 handed cast. Having lots of fun too.

Bunsy: Marking very well and runing hard.

Smokey: Passed 1 and failed 1 JH test at Finger Lakes Hunt Test this weekend. Found a small training issue, already starting to fix it.

Sia: Done with Swim-by and marking well.

Sonny: Earned his JH Title at Finger Lakes this past weekend. He was handled on all passes by his 15 yaer old owner. Congradul...
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12 July Update

Posted by David on Monday, July 12, 2010,
Reese: Doing good had a little bump this week.

Violet: Walking fetch is done and stick fetch is heading into collar fetch.

Bunsy: Done with Force Fetch and running regular marks. Doing great.

Smokey: Marking and hunting well. Distance issue working out.

Sia: Done with water force and into swim by, doing good. Posted as a started dog, on the web site.

Sonny: Did not come over this week.

Albert: Running good and trying hard.

Scout: Still working great.

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5 July update

Posted by David on Monday, July 5, 2010,
Reese: Done with Collar Conditioning and ready for "hold".

Violet:Done with "Ear Pinch". Into "walking Fetch". Doing fine.

Bunsy: Done with "ear Pinch, "wlaking Fetch". Onto stick and Collar Fetch. Working great, Attitude is fine.

Smokey: Some distance issues but working through it fast.

Sia: Done with TT. On to Swim By this week> Marking great and running strong.

Sonny: Ready to finish his JH and move right up into Senior.

Albert:Running good. Blinds are coming and marks are great.

Scout: Doing gre...
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28 June update

Posted by David on Monday, July 5, 2010,
Reese: Working on obedince. Doing fine.

Violet: Working on "hold", progressing fine.

Bunsy: Well into "force", Working on the buck, being stubborn.

Breeze: Went home and seems to be working well for mom and dad.

Smokey: Just came back ing on Sunday.

Sia: Debolted on the TT. Other wise doing fine.

Sonny: HIGH, but steady and working well both marks and blinds.

Albert: Spirtits are good marking well. Working through our blind issue.

Scout: Running great all around.

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