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29 November Update

Posted by David on Monday, November 29, 2010,
Doing some obedience with Vanna, Violet, Sonny, and Sia. Otherwise we are still hunting. Getting into a little bit of a training routine in the afternoons.

Albert has bred Ember twice. Look for the puppies, due to be born in about 2 mounths.
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22 November Update

Posted by David on Tuesday, November 23, 2010,
Teal: Went home, all is well. She did great for her appointment with her owners. They were very impresed.

Been mainly hunting the others and not training to much. Will be back into training soon. This maybe becouse I have no client dogs in for a little bit.

Albert: Back from TN to do a breeding.
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15 November Update

Posted by David on Monday, November 15, 2010,
Vanna: Obedenice is very good. Went to the vet for the limp, all seems fine. Must be soft tissue damage, if she would calm down it might heal.

Teal: Stesading nicely and running good.

Violet: Working mainly on sit still. Some good improvement. Dog show las tweek end, acted fine no points.

Sia: Not steady out hunting, atleast once the goose was headed down.

Scout: Dog show, did not like the judge. No points either.

Albert: Down With Ranee finished his show Champion title.
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8 November Update

Posted by David on Monday, November 15, 2010,
Vanna: Obedince is good. Starting sit stay's and auto sits ared oing good. Still limping.

Teal:Issues all worked out retrieving nicely. Steading has started.

Violet: Wagon Wkeel, walking baseball, stedyness drills and obedince. Working on her sit any way I can think of.

Sia: Steady in training.

Scout: Hunting good not getting many birds this week.
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1 November Update

Posted by David on Thursday, November 4, 2010,
Vanna: Doing fine in Obedience.

Teal: Haveing some issues but should work out quikly.

Violet: Wagon Wheel is helping and marking fine.

Sia: OFFICAL GOOSE DOG  He dug a crippled giant canada out of the cattials. It was flapping and honking but no match for Sia.

Scout: Hunting fine still waiting for a good shoot.
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