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25 October Update

Posted by David on Tuesday, October 26, 2010,
Vanna: Starting her Obedience at 5 mounths old. Will not come when called, slight problem. Sit,heal, and hear coming along very good for the 1st week.

Teal: Doing very good, done through walking fetch. Had some issues today with collar fetch. Steadyness is coming along nicely for what little work we have done so far.

Suzie: done with the trained retrieve and wqent home today.

Violet: Doing much better, starting to work on some of our "line" issues with wagon wheel. Had a nice job on her flyer to...
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18 October Update

Posted by David on Tuesday, October 19, 2010,
Teal: Doing good done with Collar Conditioning and Starting hold.

Suzie: Done with ear pinc and walking fetch and stick fetch. Working on birds and gun station marks. Doing great.

Violet: Finally starting to sit on the whistle. Have moved into pattern blinds and learning much better.

Sia and Scout: Mainly hunting, Both are doing fine in the feild and having fun. Sia is progressing into a proven hunting dog quickly.
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11 October Update

Posted by David on Monday, October 11, 2010,
Teal: New dog in for Trained Retreive and some steadiness work. Setling in nicely.

Suzzie: Another new dog in for Trained Retreive, setteled in and done with hold. Started Ear Pinch and doing great.

Violet: Starting to see more progresson sit and getting some things striaght. Marking well and attitude is good.

Sia: Training and hunting, doing good. Haveing a slight steadiness issue in the feild.

Scout: Doing fine in training and hunting well too.
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4 October Uodate

Posted by David on Thursday, October 7, 2010,
Violet: Making progress slowly, starting to remote site and becoming steady.

Sia: Doing good ready for more hunting.

Albert: Training has been fine. Took Best of Breed booth days at the Murfeesbouro dog show this past weekend. Left in TN with Ranee for shows and obedience competions.

We have returned to MI and are getting ready for hunting. Will have 1 or 2 new training dogs for next weeks updates.

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