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25 April Update

Posted by David on Tuesday, April 26, 2011,
Anhi: Walking Fetch and Marks doing good. Needs more swimming.

Bunsy:3 Handed Cast learning fast. Marks are good.

Gunner: Working on Sit to Pile. Marks are good. Swimming good. Not riding in truck too well, drools.

Vanna: Sit to Pile is O.K. Have some Line Manner issues to fix.

Dandy:Sit all around needs work. AM working on this from several angles, at heel and remote. Doing fine.
Violet:Marks good. Sit to Pile has shown some line manner issues and should strengthen her sit. More confusing showin...
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18 April Update

Posted by David on Tuesday, April 26, 2011,
Anhi: Ear Pinch doing good. Large Bumper off ground almost done. Water marks doing good, not much sit. Drive is great.

Bunsy: Land Marks, Water Marks, and some simple doubles all doing good. Wearing out pretty fast, not acclimated to the heat.

Gunner:3 Handed Cast done. Starting Force to Pile and doing great. Marks doing good, lead steady.

Vanna:Force to pile doing good. Land and Water Marks doing good lead steady.

Dandy:Sit to Pile O.K. Not steady for Marks, swimming is not the best.

Violet: 3 Ha...

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11 April Update

Posted by David on Tuesday, April 26, 2011,
Anhi: Hold is done, doing fine in Ear Pinch. 

Gunner: In 3 Handed Cast, doing fine.

Vanna: Also in 3 Handed Cast. Doing good all around.

Dandy: Force to Pile is done and starting sit to pile.

Violet: 3 Handed Cast, doing good. Am fixing some confusing.

Cemmy: Training good.

Albert: Doing O.K. Girls on brain.
Chili: Retired??

Scout: Doing O.K. Girls on brain.

Bunsy, Sia, Sonny, Remington: All just arrived from MI and are settling in.

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4 April Update

Posted by David on Tuesday, April 5, 2011,
Anhi:Doing very good. Collar Conditioning done and well into hold. Going a little slower than most of my dogs, but making progress every day.

Gunner: Trained Retrieve through walking fetch is done. Having some issues withe collar fetch.

Vanna:Done with all of the Trained Retrieve and well on her way in 3 Handed Cast.

Dandy: Doing well with Force to Pile.

Violet: Have decided to take Her back to 3 Handed Cast and start over. Having some confusion even at this stag.

Cemmy: Trained great all week and...

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