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28 Febuary Update

Posted by David on Sunday, February 27, 2011,
Not much work this week, some obedience and fun time. Just a little too much snow and cold here in MI. Back to TN soon so not much reason to train in poor weather.

All dogs doing good.
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21 February Update

Posted by David on Monday, February 21, 2011,
Anhi: Started some hand thrown marks with bumpers and birds. Good. Stayed in TN.

Vanna: Obedience into light retrieving work is going fine.

Dandy: Retrieved birds agian before I left her in TN.

Cemmy: Marks and drills doing fine.

Violet: Learning drills and marking fine. We take things pretty slow with her.

Sia: As usaule learning fast and giving it his best.

Sonny: Marks, drills and obedince, working me pretty hard.

Albert: Marking well and having fun. Drills are fine too.

Remington: Working fine, ...
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14 February Update

Posted by David on Monday, February 21, 2011,
Sorry this weeks update is late, between projects, loss of internet connection, and traveling back to MI it just did not happen.

Anhi: Obedience is coming along fine. A very willing student.

Vanna: Finished Collar conditioning. Doing some light retrieving work.

Dandy: Getting her obedience back on track. Did some light retrieving work with bumpers. very good.

Cemmy: Falling right back into the working schedule and all is well. Did some drill work this week.

Violet: Learning drills and perfecting s...
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7 February Update

Posted by David on Monday, February 7, 2011,
Anhi: Obedince good. Took a Reserve Winners Bitch 1 day at the Atlanta dog show this past weekend.

Vanna: Obedince good, started collar conditioning.

Dandy. Obedince good, recall is being tested. Retrieving good, hand thrown bumpers.

Cemmy: Off the injured list. Obedenice good. Blind work O.K. for the time off. Glad to be working agian.

Violet: Obedince good. Was at the Atlanta dog show this past weekend.

Sia: Obedince good. Doing blind work pretty good.

Sonny: Obedince good. Blind work and wagon w...
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31 January Update

Posted by David on Tuesday, February 1, 2011,
Anhi: Obedience doing very good. Heel,sit, down and stays all coming together. Also working on conformation show stand, that is good too.

Vanna: Obedience is going great. Heel, sit, down, stays and here all being learned quickly.

Dandy: Obedience tune-up good, ready for some field tune-up next.

Cemmy: Obedience tune-up good, knee is all heeled this coming week so light field work on the way.

Violet: Obedience tune-up great. Ready for some field work.

Sia: Obedience tune-up very good. Ready for fi...
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