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24 January Update

Posted by David on Tuesday, January 25, 2011,
Anhi: Obedience training, doing fine.

Vanna: Obedeince training coming along fine.

Dandy: Obedeince tunu-up going good, no problems.

Cemmy: Obedeince Tune-up and knee rehab. Doing great.

Violet: Obedience tune-up and remedial sit , doing great. We will fianlly have sit.

Sia: Obedeince Tune-up and a little hunting. Doing good.

Sonny: Obedience tune-up and fixing a sit (steadieness) issue. Doing great.

Albert: Obedince tune- up and geting ready for rally and CD work. Doing great.

Remington: Pulling hi...
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17 January Update

Posted by David on Sunday, January 16, 2011,
Will be getting into a regular training schedule this coming week. Watch for regular updates on Mondays.

Only have my or co-owned dogs in right now, I guess the others are still hunting. Hope all are getting lots of work.

Vanna, Violet, Dandy, Scout, Albert, Sia, Cemmy, Chilly, Remington, and Sonny are all ready to shake off some "kennel fever".

Happy New Year!!!
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