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28 March Update

Posted by David on Tuesday, March 29, 2011,
Anhi: Doing great almost done with collar conditioning.

Gunner:Trained Retrieve doing great, already working on collar fetch.

Vanna: Also doing great. Done with Trained Retrieve and ready for 3 handed cast.

Dandy: Stick to pile done. Doing great all around.

Violet: Marking well, steady. Still working on remote sit, she just has a hard time sitting when not at heel.

Cemmy: Doing great on marks. Control is slowly coming in blinds. JH test next weekend.

Albert: Doing good. Marks and blinds as well as ...
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21 March Update

Posted by David on Tuesday, March 22, 2011,
Anhi: Obedience is good. Stays need work.

Gunner: Great Collar Conditioning going good. Hold is also good.

Vanna:Trained Retrieve is done on to Walking Fetch.

Dandy: 3 Handed Cast and intro to Indirect Pressure good and done.

Violet:Good attitude, marking good. Still working on remote sits some days better than others.

Cemmy: Marking is great. Blinds needs to work with me.

Albert:Improving most days. Does get an attitude when he decides it's not a good day to work.

Chili: Doing good all around.

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14 March Update

Posted by David on Monday, March 14, 2011,
Full scheduale this week, as we have migrated south to warmer temps. Remington, sonny, and Sia ended up staying north, they will be down in April.

Anhi: Doing good, did not forget to much. Sit, heel, and down all coming along nicely.

Gunner: He is a Vanna littermate, born here a year ago. Gunner will be with us for about 10 weeks. His obedience is fair, sit, heel, and down are all doing good.

Vanna: Starting hold and doing great.

Dandy: Here is no longer a request and we are starting 3 handed cas...
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7 March Update

Posted by David on Monday, March 7, 2011,
Still on a restricted training schedule this week a little obedience drills and some fun for all.

Vanna: Went to her 1st conformation dog show this weekend. Behaved very well, was not affected by all the new expereinceses at all. All so won her puppy class. Was just there on Sunday.

Violet: was at the dog show all weekend. Behaved fairly well, did not do too much in the ring.

Albert: Dog show all weekend, Behaved but did not do any good in  the ring. Being a Champion already it is either all or...
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