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30 May Update

Posted by David on Monday, May 30, 2011,
Anhi: Doing better. She is doing very good for her owner, and will be staying home for the summer in TN.

Vanna: Good this week, did not advance much do to going North on Tuesday. Attitude is great and ready to head back to MI.

Dandy: Seems to be all healed finally. Doing good and ready to head north, this will be her 1st trip up.

Violet: Doing good, not much advancement either. Ready to head home to MI.

Cemmy: Doing good and confirmed she is now a Junior Hunter.Heading to MI and ready to get back...
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23 May Update

Posted by David on Monday, May 23, 2011,
Anhi:Having some Obedience issue's, Been concentrating get that fixed this week. Doing ok.

Bunsy: Had a bad week in the beginning, seem to have ended on an up note.

Vanna:Done on miniT and I will wait till I am back North to move on. Obedience has been very good.

Dandy: Still limping once in awhile and has regressed in obedience. Even knocked her owner down this week.

Violet: MiniT and obedience have been great this week. Getting all our ducks in a row, FINALLY.

Cemmy: Doing very well all around. ...
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16 May update

Posted by David on Monday, May 16, 2011,
Anhi: Force to Pile coming along fine. Concentrating on obedience as we are having some issue's there.

Bunsy: Sit to Pile is done. The boy is doing very well

Gunner: Home with the family as scheduled. He should transfer back just fine.Worked well for Todd and I believe he is going to make a very capable hunting dog his 1st year. Can not wait for fall to hear how he does.

Vanna: Mini T doing very good. Obedience is also good, shows her age of just a year though.

Dandy: Has been on the injured list...
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9 May Update

Posted by David on Tuesday, May 10, 2011,
Anhi: Done with 3 Handed Cast. Doing good.

Bunsy: Sit to pile is coming. Marks fine.

Gunner: Mini T is coming along fine. Steady and marks are pretty good.

Vanna:Finished Sit to Pile. Teaching TT main line. Started Water Force. Marks and steady fine.

Dandy: Still working on Sit to Pile, Limping agian.

Violet: Mini T sit and casts doing very well. Working out of her confusion quickly. Marks are fine. Water force was started.

Cemmy: Mini T doing very good, water force good. Marks great.

Sonny: Marks o...
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2 May update

Posted by David on Thursday, May 5, 2011,
Anhi: 3 Handed Cast and marks doing well. Received a 3pt Major at the dog show (conformation) over the weekend in Franklin TN.

Bunsy: Marks good, steading and sit to pile coming fast.

Gunner: Drooling getting better. Sit to pile done, marks land and water good. Moving on to mini t and TT.

Vanna: Marks land and water good. Sit to Pile started, confused but learning.

Dandy:Still working on Sit to Pile. Sits are improving nicely.

Violet: Marks great, steady. Sit to pile done and moving on to TT main ...
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