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Update 26 September

Posted by David on Monday, September 26, 2011,
Dandy: Marking well, needs some work on perseverance. Entered in the upcoming HT.
Vanna: Marking well, blinds ok. Entered in the up coming HT

Violet: Field traing is good. Took a 1st in "Brace" with her father (Scout) at the St.Claire dog show. Same class at the CBR Nationals they took 2nd. Entered in the up coming HT.
Bunsy: Running good. Still some handling issues. Entered in the up coming HT.
Cemmy: Running great. Entered in the up coming HT.
Albert: Running very good. Won his "Stud Dog" ...
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Update 12 September

Posted by David on Monday, September 12, 2011,
Dandy: Marking well and a good attitude.

Vanna: Marking and blinds are fine, progressing nicely.

Violet: Marking and handling well. Making lots of progress.

Bunsy: Discovered if you quit swimming than you sink and that makes breathing difficult. Love the self lessons.

Cemmy: Marking good and land blinds are fine. Almost done with swim-by.

Albert: Marks and blinds good. Great attitude.

Scout: Doing good. Have a few ideas to improve his test attitude.

All dogs are getting a little break from testing. ...
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Update 7 September

Posted by David on Wednesday, September 7, 2011,
Dandy: Done beening in season, starting to work good again.

Vanna: Marking well and starting to handle on cold blinds.

Violet: Also back to normal, marking well and handling nicely.

Bunsy: Marking great, handling not so well. Doing ok.

Cemmy: Marking great and land blinds are very good.

Albert: Marking and handling pretty good. He has some off days.

Scout: Doing very good both marks and blinds.

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