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Meet the 2013 Crew

Posted by David on Tuesday, February 12, 2013,

Meet the 2013 Training Crew


Drake: A 7 month old black lab came in Sunday. Settling in great.

Titan: Back in, likes marks and is steadying nicely. Blind work is still very slow.

Axle: Have not tried to sell him very hard yet. Progressing all around nicely.

Vanna: Coming out of hunting season with a great attitude. Blinds and marks are very good.

Millett: Home right now, but should be back in later this spring.

Violet: With her mom on the show circuit for a while.

Cemmy: Back with a...

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2012-13 Hunting pics

Posted by David on Saturday, February 9, 2013,
Few of the good days for Dusty Rose Dogs
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Update September 3

Posted by David on Tuesday, September 4, 2012,


Beau: Retrieved a few geese over the weekend, testing his owner some. Sounds like things are working out well.

Scarlet: At a little stand still , just not understanding things right now.

Titan: Coming along fine with marks and steadying, blind work is slow.

Curly: At home, all seem s to be fine.

Axle: Finally starting to see some good progress on steadying.

Rowdy: Not off to a very good start with Senior, slowly improving every training session and test though.

Vanna: Not doing ve...

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Update August 20th

Posted by David on Wednesday, August 22, 2012,

Update August 20

Been awhile since I got around to this, Owners have been getting their private and detailed updates though.


Beau: Has gone home, Obedience and Force Fetch done. Tried an ACC WD, did not give much effort. He should be good for his owners though, will be keeping in touch.

Scarlet: Done with Force through Walking Fetch and Collar Fetch. Starting 3 Handed Cast.

Titan: 3 Handed Cast done , working on Pile work.

Curly: Gone home, Force Fetch went very well. Should transfer ...

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Update July 23

Posted by David on Friday, July 27, 2012,



Beau: Done with Collar Conditioning, doing just fine so far.

Scarlet: Force Fetch is going a little slow, having some aviodence issues. Working on Larg Bumper off ground, should be done soon.

Titan: Finished with Collar Conditioning, doing very good over all.

Curly: Moving on to pile work, still working on fetching at a distance under command.

Axle: On Pattern Blinds and starting to run double marks.

Rowdy: Passed both her JH tests!!!!Working on Pattern blinds and doubles.


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Update July 16

Posted by David on Tuesday, July 17, 2012,


Beau: In for some obedience and maybe force fetch. Doing

well so far.

Scarlet: Hold done onto ear pinch.

Titan: Obedience doing good learning fast.

Curly: Obedience check and collar conditioning done. Now for collar fetch, 1st day had some issues.

Axle: TT is good sitting very fast now. Cast are good too. Marks are fine.

Rowdy: Hopefully ready for her 1st Junior Hunting Test this coming weekend.

Vanna: Doing great marks and blinds, land and water. Gonna try to finish her JH this c...

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Update July 9

Posted by David on Wednesday, July 11, 2012,

Scarlet: Collar conditioning done, starting hold

Titan: Force fetch done through Walking Fetch, on to some obedience.

Curly: Force Fetch through walking fetch done. Now will not pick up bumpers when thrown. On to Obedience and Collar Conditioning, then we will go back and do some Collar Fetch.

Axle: Marks are doing very well, made some long trips this week. TT is doing ok, having trouble stopping at over 50 yds.

Rowdy: Marks and blinds did great work this week. Entered in her 1st Hunti...

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Update July 2

Posted by David on Monday, July 2, 2012,

Scarlet: Here for some obedience and force fetch. Almost done with teaching obedience and ready to start Collar Conditioning.

Titan: Just a quick Force Fetch, doing great.

Curly: An almost 5 yr old CBR tha his owner has had trouble force fetching. Doing just great for me, in his 1st week. Buck and small bumper done.

Axle: Marks are great starting to run the big stuff. Main line of TT and force is done.

Rowdy: Marks and blinds did great work this week. Loves pheasant flyers.Vanna: Runni...

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Update June 18

Posted by David on Tuesday, June 19, 2012,

Axle: Pile work and marks. Doing good on marks, starting to run to big dog setups. Pile is progressing nicely starting to sit on the whistle to pile.

Rowdy: Marks are improving and working on handiling.

Vanna: Steadying improving and doing nice work overall. Working on SH level marks and blinds.

Millett: Water force went very well, working on doubles too.

Violet: Back slid a little this week.

Cemmy: Whelping box under construction, looking forward to moving into the house.

Sonny: Gone...

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Update June 11

Posted by David on Wednesday, June 13, 2012,

Sorry for the laps in updates. Got a little hectic coming back north. Will be on schedule from here on, watch for them on Mondays or early Tuesday.

Axle: Pile work and marks. Doing good on marks, starting to run to pile, finally.

Rowdy: Came North to run Junior and hopefully Senior Hunting Tests. Doing pretty good.

Vanna: Steadying improving and doing nice work overall.

Millett: Vanna’s sister in for a month or 2 for swim-by and handling tune-up.

Violet: Turning in some pretty nice w...

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Update May 28

Posted by David on Monday, May 28, 2012,

Update May 28

Axle: Intro to indirect pressure and some water marks this week. Did very good.

Rowdy: Done with “T”and water force. Working on swimby and marks. Doing good.

Vanna: Water blinds and marks are good. Doubles are nice. Lots of confidence this week, need to crack down on steady.

Anhi: Back to mommy. Will try again in the fall.

Violet: Water marks and blinds doing very good. Maturing nicely

Cemmy: Has been bred, so will not be training much. Will work in the water a little ...

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Update May 21

Posted by David on Tuesday, May 22, 2012,

Axle: Done with 3 handed cast, steadying. Water marks are good.

Rowdy: About done w/”T”. Water force and swim-by started.

Vanna: Water blinds and marks are good. Doubles are nice.

Anhi: Back to mommy. Will try again in the fall.

Violet: Water marks and blinds doing very good.

Cemmy: Has been bred, so will not be training much. Will work in the water a little to keep her in shape.

Sonny: NUUUUTTTSSSSSS!!!!!     Water marks and blinds improving daily.

Dandy: Has improved nicely, w...

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Update May 14

Posted by David on Tuesday, May 15, 2012,

Axle: Back on 3 handed cast doing better, still working on sit.

Rowdy: Doing good, has a small distance issue on the “T”.

Vanna: Attitude is still good. Running well.

Anhi: Not much better.

Violet: Did some very good water work this week.

Cemmy: Has been bred, so will not be training much. Will work in the water a little to keep her in shape.

Sonny: NUUUUTTTSSSSSS!!!!!     Swim-by about done. Did some great water work this week. Even ran a short cold blind.

Dandy: A little impro...

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Update May 7

Posted by David on Tuesday, May 8, 2012,

Axle: Have returned to basic obedience, need to get sit and here fixed. Will slowly return to casting.

Rowdy: Out of season and running on the T.

Vanna: Attitude is still good. Running well.

Anhi: Not much better.

Violet: Doing about her best.

Cemmy: Still running great, marks, blinds, land, and water. Ditto this week. Cannot stump her, running very well. Finally came in season.

Sonny: NUUUUTTTSSSSSS!!!!!     Been working on swim-by. Doing very well.

Dandy: A little improvement agai...

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Update April 30

Posted by David on Monday, April 30, 2012,

Sorry for the missed update last week. Had a death in the family and it just did not get done.


Axle: Stalled in 3 Handed Cast and distance block. Stubborn little cuss. He is showing small improvements each day.

Rowdy: Marks are holding up well and started mini-T. Almost out of season.

Vanna: Marks and blinds very good, just eats blinds. Coming into season, so things may slow down.

Anhi: Not much better.

Violet: Came in season and her attitude has improved some. Will most likely be b...

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Update April 16

Posted by David on Monday, April 16, 2012,

Axle: Hold and ear Pinch done. Going pretty good in walking fetch, distance block working out slooowly. Did a good Gun Station mark today.

Rowdy: Marks are great, done with s handed cast, on to pile work.

Vanna: Marks and blinds very good, getting confidence in blind worj.

Anhi: Has completely falling apart, no effort at all this week.

Violet: Doing a little better, more good days than bad.

Cemmy: Still running great, marks, blinds, land, and water. Ditto this week.


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Update April 9

Posted by David on Tuesday, April 10, 2012,
Weather has cooled down some, much more comfortable for us snow birds.


Axle: Collar Conditioning done. Into Hold and Force Fetch/Trained Retrieve, fighting just a little. Has a minor distance block for marks.

Rowdy: Force Fetch/Trained Retrieve done, into Walking Fetch and started Collar Fetch. Marks are good.

Vanna: Marks on land and water are good. Still showing she does not completely understand casting.

Anhi: Marking well, swimming not improving.

Violet: Marks and blinds doing just f...

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April 2

Posted by David on Monday, April 2, 2012,

Axle: 1 more day of Collar Conditioning and on to Force Fetch. Doing just fine.

Rowdy: Force fetch is going great, hold only took 2 days. Picking the buck off the ground today. Retrieving well in the field too. 

Vanna: Doing well on land and water marks. Blinds need some work, still a little confused.

Anhi: Still not swimming well.

Violet: Blinds better, sits good, marks doing fine.

Cemmy: Running hard and doing great. May be coming in season, we plan to breed her.


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Update March 26

Posted by David on Monday, March 26, 2012,

Axle: On lead obedience is very good, should be in Collar Conditioning late this week. Sit, heel, and down are all very good, stays are coming fast.

Rowdy: Obedience is great, collar Conditioning is done. Will start force fetch on Wenesday.

Vanna: Coming along well. Running her 1st blinds and marking well too.

Anhi: Has BIIIG Mommy Factor, works ok when mom is not around, but if mom is near forget it.

Violet: Blinds and marks are tuning up nicely. A little remote sit issue coming back in....

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Update March 19 2012

Posted by David on Monday, March 19, 2012,

Been pretty hot and muggy here this week, taking it easy to start.

Axle: Doing good. Learning fast, heel, sit, and sit stay are all coming along fine. His attitude is ok, he says it sucks to grow up. Rules and more rules, oh well little pup time to be a big dog!

Rowdy: Obedience tune up going great, understands most so just making request into commands.

Vanna: Knocking the dust off with obedience tune-up, doing great and attitude is very good.

Anhi: Has been doing CD training and needs t...

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Update March 2012 Meet the Crew

Posted by David on Saturday, March 17, 2012,

Axle: Black Lab male born sept. 2011  I bought Axle to resell as a started dog, so far so good. Obeidence has started.

Rowdy: Chessie female born summer 2011. Owned by the Swaffords. Obedience, Force Fetch and as far into handling as she can go before I head back north.

Vanna: Chessie female  returning to finish JH and beyond.

Anhi: chessie female   Returning to run JH and may go further.

Violet: Chessie female  Returning to run JH and beyond.

Cemmy: Chessie Female  Looking to run SH a...

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Update October 10

Posted by David on Monday, October 10, 2011,
The last hunt test for 2011 is done, did not do very well.

Bunsy, Albert, and Dandy are all headed home for the winter.

We will not be doing regular updates until spring training begins, watch for hunting high lights and memory moments.

Good Luck to all those chasing waterfowl and upland birds. The best of wishes to those still running fall Hunting Tests.

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Update October 3

Posted by David on Tuesday, October 4, 2011,
Dandy: Failed both days, but got 3 of the 4 birds on Sunday and gave me the best effort ever. Entered this coming weekend.
Vanna:3 of 4 birds both days just could not hold it together. Done for the season.
Violet:Would not enter the water either day. Entered again next weekend.
Bunsy: NEW JH,Done for the season. Congrats bunsy.
Cemmy. Blew up on the test, entered this weekend.
Albert: Water issues again, entered this weekend.
Scout: Training fine, ready for hunting....
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Update 26 September

Posted by David on Monday, September 26, 2011,
Dandy: Marking well, needs some work on perseverance. Entered in the upcoming HT.
Vanna: Marking well, blinds ok. Entered in the up coming HT

Violet: Field traing is good. Took a 1st in "Brace" with her father (Scout) at the St.Claire dog show. Same class at the CBR Nationals they took 2nd. Entered in the up coming HT.
Bunsy: Running good. Still some handling issues. Entered in the up coming HT.
Cemmy: Running great. Entered in the up coming HT.
Albert: Running very good. Won his "Stud Dog" ...
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Update 12 September

Posted by David on Monday, September 12, 2011,
Dandy: Marking well and a good attitude.

Vanna: Marking and blinds are fine, progressing nicely.

Violet: Marking and handling well. Making lots of progress.

Bunsy: Discovered if you quit swimming than you sink and that makes breathing difficult. Love the self lessons.

Cemmy: Marking good and land blinds are fine. Almost done with swim-by.

Albert: Marks and blinds good. Great attitude.

Scout: Doing good. Have a few ideas to improve his test attitude.

All dogs are getting a little break from testing. ...
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Update 7 September

Posted by David on Wednesday, September 7, 2011,
Dandy: Done beening in season, starting to work good again.

Vanna: Marking well and starting to handle on cold blinds.

Violet: Also back to normal, marking well and handling nicely.

Bunsy: Marking great, handling not so well. Doing ok.

Cemmy: Marking great and land blinds are very good.

Albert: Marking and handling pretty good. He has some off days.

Scout: Doing very good both marks and blinds.

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Update 29 August

Posted by David on Monday, August 29, 2011,
Dandy: Still in season and running poorly. Just no concentration.

Vanna: Running very well. PASSED both JH tests at Marsh Banks Golden Retriever Club Hunting Test.

Violet: Also still in Season and not concentrating.

Bunsy: Running great. Also Passed both days JH at the MBGRC HT. He is spot on all the time.

Cemmy: Marking great, water blinds not so good. Failed both water seires at the HT, she just fell apart after I entered her.
 Great attitude though.

Albert: Training great and wants to work.

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Update 22 August

Posted by David on Tuesday, August 23, 2011,
Dandy: In Heat and training like it. Not trying at all.

Vanna: Working good. Has young dog moments, but trying hard.

Violet: Coming in season right behind her sister (Dandy). Training about the same too. Would rather eat grass than retrieve.

Bunsy: Running at the top of his game. Having lots of fun.

Cemmy:Doing very well on marks, blinds still need work.

Albert: Doing very well, trying hard and even having some fun.

Scout: Running well and loosening up some.

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Hunting Test August 13

Posted by David on Saturday, August 13, 2011,
Violet and her sister Dandy decided that they could not run through a different brand of decoys. Failed on the 2nd mark.

Vanna made it to the last mark of the test but wind, a bird rack and lily pads were just to much for her.

Bunsy made the whole test look pretty easy. Congrats Jan!!!

Next Test in 2 weeks.

Now back to training for all of us.

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Getting Back into the Swing of things

Posted by David on Friday, August 12, 2011,
Have been training just have not been posting much it seems like the summer has just flown by.
Have some hunt tests coming up.
Radar has gone home. He did great.
Bunsey still doing good getting ready to run a hunt test
Dandy Lots of attitude and loving to work
Violet moving ahead and getting ready for a hunt test
Chemmy: Ran senior did not pass we made it to the water. The
  one mark was just a little over her head.  She is getting ready to run her next senior in August.

Albert Has been doing well
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7 July Update

Posted by David on Thursday, July 7, 2011,
Radar: In for Obedience tune-up and trained retrieve. Doing great, done with collar conditioning and starting hold.

Vanna: Done with TT and marks are ok.

Bunsy: Done with TT and marking good.

Dandy: Running marks well and obedience is good.

Violet:Marks are good, backing off on handling this past week.

Cemmy: Blinds and marks good. Double and single marks are on the menu.

Albert: Running pretty good, Vanna is in heat so the boys have lost a little.

Scout: Not running very well at all. Just seems to ...
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23 June update

Posted by David on Thursday, June 23, 2011,
Sorry to have missed 3 weeks of updates, getting things in order in MI and training have been a little more than expected. Should be getting caught up from now on.

Abby: A new obedience trainee, doing good. In Collar Conditioning and advancing quickly. Been here since June 5.

Vanna: Running Full T and ready for TT. Attitude is great, line manners and marking improving too.

Bunsy: Running full T and doing very good. Attitude is good. Marks and steady ok, too. He is doing very good and I am not go...
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30 May Update

Posted by David on Monday, May 30, 2011,
Anhi: Doing better. She is doing very good for her owner, and will be staying home for the summer in TN.

Vanna: Good this week, did not advance much do to going North on Tuesday. Attitude is great and ready to head back to MI.

Dandy: Seems to be all healed finally. Doing good and ready to head north, this will be her 1st trip up.

Violet: Doing good, not much advancement either. Ready to head home to MI.

Cemmy: Doing good and confirmed she is now a Junior Hunter.Heading to MI and ready to get back...
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23 May Update

Posted by David on Monday, May 23, 2011,
Anhi:Having some Obedience issue's, Been concentrating get that fixed this week. Doing ok.

Bunsy: Had a bad week in the beginning, seem to have ended on an up note.

Vanna:Done on miniT and I will wait till I am back North to move on. Obedience has been very good.

Dandy: Still limping once in awhile and has regressed in obedience. Even knocked her owner down this week.

Violet: MiniT and obedience have been great this week. Getting all our ducks in a row, FINALLY.

Cemmy: Doing very well all around. ...
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16 May update

Posted by David on Monday, May 16, 2011,
Anhi: Force to Pile coming along fine. Concentrating on obedience as we are having some issue's there.

Bunsy: Sit to Pile is done. The boy is doing very well

Gunner: Home with the family as scheduled. He should transfer back just fine.Worked well for Todd and I believe he is going to make a very capable hunting dog his 1st year. Can not wait for fall to hear how he does.

Vanna: Mini T doing very good. Obedience is also good, shows her age of just a year though.

Dandy: Has been on the injured list...
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9 May Update

Posted by David on Tuesday, May 10, 2011,
Anhi: Done with 3 Handed Cast. Doing good.

Bunsy: Sit to pile is coming. Marks fine.

Gunner: Mini T is coming along fine. Steady and marks are pretty good.

Vanna:Finished Sit to Pile. Teaching TT main line. Started Water Force. Marks and steady fine.

Dandy: Still working on Sit to Pile, Limping agian.

Violet: Mini T sit and casts doing very well. Working out of her confusion quickly. Marks are fine. Water force was started.

Cemmy: Mini T doing very good, water force good. Marks great.

Sonny: Marks o...
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2 May update

Posted by David on Thursday, May 5, 2011,
Anhi: 3 Handed Cast and marks doing well. Received a 3pt Major at the dog show (conformation) over the weekend in Franklin TN.

Bunsy: Marks good, steading and sit to pile coming fast.

Gunner: Drooling getting better. Sit to pile done, marks land and water good. Moving on to mini t and TT.

Vanna: Marks land and water good. Sit to Pile started, confused but learning.

Dandy:Still working on Sit to Pile. Sits are improving nicely.

Violet: Marks great, steady. Sit to pile done and moving on to TT main ...
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25 April Update

Posted by David on Tuesday, April 26, 2011,
Anhi: Walking Fetch and Marks doing good. Needs more swimming.

Bunsy:3 Handed Cast learning fast. Marks are good.

Gunner: Working on Sit to Pile. Marks are good. Swimming good. Not riding in truck too well, drools.

Vanna: Sit to Pile is O.K. Have some Line Manner issues to fix.

Dandy:Sit all around needs work. AM working on this from several angles, at heel and remote. Doing fine.
Violet:Marks good. Sit to Pile has shown some line manner issues and should strengthen her sit. More confusing showin...
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18 April Update

Posted by David on Tuesday, April 26, 2011,
Anhi: Ear Pinch doing good. Large Bumper off ground almost done. Water marks doing good, not much sit. Drive is great.

Bunsy: Land Marks, Water Marks, and some simple doubles all doing good. Wearing out pretty fast, not acclimated to the heat.

Gunner:3 Handed Cast done. Starting Force to Pile and doing great. Marks doing good, lead steady.

Vanna:Force to pile doing good. Land and Water Marks doing good lead steady.

Dandy:Sit to Pile O.K. Not steady for Marks, swimming is not the best.

Violet: 3 Ha...

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11 April Update

Posted by David on Tuesday, April 26, 2011,
Anhi: Hold is done, doing fine in Ear Pinch. 

Gunner: In 3 Handed Cast, doing fine.

Vanna: Also in 3 Handed Cast. Doing good all around.

Dandy: Force to Pile is done and starting sit to pile.

Violet: 3 Handed Cast, doing good. Am fixing some confusing.

Cemmy: Training good.

Albert: Doing O.K. Girls on brain.
Chili: Retired??

Scout: Doing O.K. Girls on brain.

Bunsy, Sia, Sonny, Remington: All just arrived from MI and are settling in.

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4 April Update

Posted by David on Tuesday, April 5, 2011,
Anhi:Doing very good. Collar Conditioning done and well into hold. Going a little slower than most of my dogs, but making progress every day.

Gunner: Trained Retrieve through walking fetch is done. Having some issues withe collar fetch.

Vanna:Done with all of the Trained Retrieve and well on her way in 3 Handed Cast.

Dandy: Doing well with Force to Pile.

Violet: Have decided to take Her back to 3 Handed Cast and start over. Having some confusion even at this stag.

Cemmy: Trained great all week and...

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28 March Update

Posted by David on Tuesday, March 29, 2011,
Anhi: Doing great almost done with collar conditioning.

Gunner:Trained Retrieve doing great, already working on collar fetch.

Vanna: Also doing great. Done with Trained Retrieve and ready for 3 handed cast.

Dandy: Stick to pile done. Doing great all around.

Violet: Marking well, steady. Still working on remote sit, she just has a hard time sitting when not at heel.

Cemmy: Doing great on marks. Control is slowly coming in blinds. JH test next weekend.

Albert: Doing good. Marks and blinds as well as ...
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21 March Update

Posted by David on Tuesday, March 22, 2011,
Anhi: Obedience is good. Stays need work.

Gunner: Great Collar Conditioning going good. Hold is also good.

Vanna:Trained Retrieve is done on to Walking Fetch.

Dandy: 3 Handed Cast and intro to Indirect Pressure good and done.

Violet:Good attitude, marking good. Still working on remote sits some days better than others.

Cemmy: Marking is great. Blinds needs to work with me.

Albert:Improving most days. Does get an attitude when he decides it's not a good day to work.

Chili: Doing good all around.

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14 March Update

Posted by David on Monday, March 14, 2011,
Full scheduale this week, as we have migrated south to warmer temps. Remington, sonny, and Sia ended up staying north, they will be down in April.

Anhi: Doing good, did not forget to much. Sit, heel, and down all coming along nicely.

Gunner: He is a Vanna littermate, born here a year ago. Gunner will be with us for about 10 weeks. His obedience is fair, sit, heel, and down are all doing good.

Vanna: Starting hold and doing great.

Dandy: Here is no longer a request and we are starting 3 handed cas...
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7 March Update

Posted by David on Monday, March 7, 2011,
Still on a restricted training schedule this week a little obedience drills and some fun for all.

Vanna: Went to her 1st conformation dog show this weekend. Behaved very well, was not affected by all the new expereinceses at all. All so won her puppy class. Was just there on Sunday.

Violet: was at the dog show all weekend. Behaved fairly well, did not do too much in the ring.

Albert: Dog show all weekend, Behaved but did not do any good in  the ring. Being a Champion already it is either all or...
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28 Febuary Update

Posted by David on Sunday, February 27, 2011,
Not much work this week, some obedience and fun time. Just a little too much snow and cold here in MI. Back to TN soon so not much reason to train in poor weather.

All dogs doing good.
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21 February Update

Posted by David on Monday, February 21, 2011,
Anhi: Started some hand thrown marks with bumpers and birds. Good. Stayed in TN.

Vanna: Obedience into light retrieving work is going fine.

Dandy: Retrieved birds agian before I left her in TN.

Cemmy: Marks and drills doing fine.

Violet: Learning drills and marking fine. We take things pretty slow with her.

Sia: As usaule learning fast and giving it his best.

Sonny: Marks, drills and obedince, working me pretty hard.

Albert: Marking well and having fun. Drills are fine too.

Remington: Working fine, ...
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14 February Update

Posted by David on Monday, February 21, 2011,
Sorry this weeks update is late, between projects, loss of internet connection, and traveling back to MI it just did not happen.

Anhi: Obedience is coming along fine. A very willing student.

Vanna: Finished Collar conditioning. Doing some light retrieving work.

Dandy: Getting her obedience back on track. Did some light retrieving work with bumpers. very good.

Cemmy: Falling right back into the working schedule and all is well. Did some drill work this week.

Violet: Learning drills and perfecting s...
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7 February Update

Posted by David on Monday, February 7, 2011,
Anhi: Obedince good. Took a Reserve Winners Bitch 1 day at the Atlanta dog show this past weekend.

Vanna: Obedince good, started collar conditioning.

Dandy. Obedince good, recall is being tested. Retrieving good, hand thrown bumpers.

Cemmy: Off the injured list. Obedenice good. Blind work O.K. for the time off. Glad to be working agian.

Violet: Obedince good. Was at the Atlanta dog show this past weekend.

Sia: Obedince good. Doing blind work pretty good.

Sonny: Obedince good. Blind work and wagon w...
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31 January Update

Posted by David on Tuesday, February 1, 2011,
Anhi: Obedience doing very good. Heel,sit, down and stays all coming together. Also working on conformation show stand, that is good too.

Vanna: Obedience is going great. Heel, sit, down, stays and here all being learned quickly.

Dandy: Obedience tune-up good, ready for some field tune-up next.

Cemmy: Obedience tune-up good, knee is all heeled this coming week so light field work on the way.

Violet: Obedience tune-up great. Ready for some field work.

Sia: Obedience tune-up very good. Ready for fi...
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24 January Update

Posted by David on Tuesday, January 25, 2011,
Anhi: Obedience training, doing fine.

Vanna: Obedeince training coming along fine.

Dandy: Obedeince tunu-up going good, no problems.

Cemmy: Obedeince Tune-up and knee rehab. Doing great.

Violet: Obedience tune-up and remedial sit , doing great. We will fianlly have sit.

Sia: Obedeince Tune-up and a little hunting. Doing good.

Sonny: Obedience tune-up and fixing a sit (steadieness) issue. Doing great.

Albert: Obedince tune- up and geting ready for rally and CD work. Doing great.

Remington: Pulling hi...
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17 January Update

Posted by David on Sunday, January 16, 2011,
Will be getting into a regular training schedule this coming week. Watch for regular updates on Mondays.

Only have my or co-owned dogs in right now, I guess the others are still hunting. Hope all are getting lots of work.

Vanna, Violet, Dandy, Scout, Albert, Sia, Cemmy, Chilly, Remington, and Sonny are all ready to shake off some "kennel fever".

Happy New Year!!!
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December Up Date

Posted by David on Wednesday, December 29, 2010,
Pretty much shut down for the Holidays, will be back to a regular routine after the New Year.

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29 November Update

Posted by David on Monday, November 29, 2010,
Doing some obedience with Vanna, Violet, Sonny, and Sia. Otherwise we are still hunting. Getting into a little bit of a training routine in the afternoons.

Albert has bred Ember twice. Look for the puppies, due to be born in about 2 mounths.
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22 November Update

Posted by David on Tuesday, November 23, 2010,
Teal: Went home, all is well. She did great for her appointment with her owners. They were very impresed.

Been mainly hunting the others and not training to much. Will be back into training soon. This maybe becouse I have no client dogs in for a little bit.

Albert: Back from TN to do a breeding.
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15 November Update

Posted by David on Monday, November 15, 2010,
Vanna: Obedenice is very good. Went to the vet for the limp, all seems fine. Must be soft tissue damage, if she would calm down it might heal.

Teal: Stesading nicely and running good.

Violet: Working mainly on sit still. Some good improvement. Dog show las tweek end, acted fine no points.

Sia: Not steady out hunting, atleast once the goose was headed down.

Scout: Dog show, did not like the judge. No points either.

Albert: Down With Ranee finished his show Champion title.
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8 November Update

Posted by David on Monday, November 15, 2010,
Vanna: Obedince is good. Starting sit stay's and auto sits ared oing good. Still limping.

Teal:Issues all worked out retrieving nicely. Steading has started.

Violet: Wagon Wkeel, walking baseball, stedyness drills and obedince. Working on her sit any way I can think of.

Sia: Steady in training.

Scout: Hunting good not getting many birds this week.
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1 November Update

Posted by David on Thursday, November 4, 2010,
Vanna: Doing fine in Obedience.

Teal: Haveing some issues but should work out quikly.

Violet: Wagon Wheel is helping and marking fine.

Sia: OFFICAL GOOSE DOG  He dug a crippled giant canada out of the cattials. It was flapping and honking but no match for Sia.

Scout: Hunting fine still waiting for a good shoot.
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25 October Update

Posted by David on Tuesday, October 26, 2010,
Vanna: Starting her Obedience at 5 mounths old. Will not come when called, slight problem. Sit,heal, and hear coming along very good for the 1st week.

Teal: Doing very good, done through walking fetch. Had some issues today with collar fetch. Steadyness is coming along nicely for what little work we have done so far.

Suzie: done with the trained retrieve and wqent home today.

Violet: Doing much better, starting to work on some of our "line" issues with wagon wheel. Had a nice job on her flyer to...
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18 October Update

Posted by David on Tuesday, October 19, 2010,
Teal: Doing good done with Collar Conditioning and Starting hold.

Suzie: Done with ear pinc and walking fetch and stick fetch. Working on birds and gun station marks. Doing great.

Violet: Finally starting to sit on the whistle. Have moved into pattern blinds and learning much better.

Sia and Scout: Mainly hunting, Both are doing fine in the feild and having fun. Sia is progressing into a proven hunting dog quickly.
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11 October Update

Posted by David on Monday, October 11, 2010,
Teal: New dog in for Trained Retreive and some steadiness work. Setling in nicely.

Suzzie: Another new dog in for Trained Retreive, setteled in and done with hold. Started Ear Pinch and doing great.

Violet: Starting to see more progresson sit and getting some things striaght. Marking well and attitude is good.

Sia: Training and hunting, doing good. Haveing a slight steadiness issue in the feild.

Scout: Doing fine in training and hunting well too.
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4 October Uodate

Posted by David on Thursday, October 7, 2010,
Violet: Making progress slowly, starting to remote site and becoming steady.

Sia: Doing good ready for more hunting.

Albert: Training has been fine. Took Best of Breed booth days at the Murfeesbouro dog show this past weekend. Left in TN with Ranee for shows and obedience competions.

We have returned to MI and are getting ready for hunting. Will have 1 or 2 new training dogs for next weeks updates.

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27 September Update

Posted by David on Tuesday, September 28, 2010,
Violet: Doing fine, still working on sit. Small inprovment.

Sia: Doing great, does everything I ask.

Albert: Goofy but doing fine.
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20 September Update

Posted by David on Tuesday, September 21, 2010,
Not training a whole lot right now.

Violet: Still working thru sit on the whistle, light can be seen at the end of the tunnel. Also went to MI for a weekend dog show, took Reserve Winners Bitch on Saturday.

Sia: Stayed with me in Tn for the week end, and work on blinds and ran a few marks off the dog stand. He also finished TN's woodduck and teal season with a 2 bird day. Turning into a nice well rounded hunting dog very quickly.

Albert: working thru his hunting issues, finally. Also went to th...
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13 September update

Posted by David on Friday, September 17, 2010,
Doves are very slow, but the woodducks and teal have been ok.

Sia had a 3 bird day his 1st retrieve I helped him with, but he did fine. His 2nd was text book, he marked it was sent and did a quick handle in the lilly pads to pick up the bird as fast as possible. His 3re was a cripple in the Soybeans and really made me proud, he did great. He is going to make a lucky family a very nice pet/ hunting dog.
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6 September Update

Posted by David on Friday, September 17, 2010,
Doves have been slow.

Sia got his 1st hunting retreives and did fine on the dove's.
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30 August Update

Posted by David on Friday, September 17, 2010,
Violet: Still having sit issue's.


Sia: Has 1 Junior leg.

Albert: Doing fine.

Scout: Training good.

Smokey is back with her family and the other 4 are down in TN with me for some dove and early duck hunting.
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23 August update

Posted by David on Friday, September 17, 2010,
Violet: Having some sit issues on T.

Smokey: Ready For the Hunt Test this coming week end.

Sia: Also ready for what will be his 1st hunt test.

Albert: Doing fine still.

Scout: Still advancing and relaxed.
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16 August Update.

Posted by David on Friday, September 17, 2010,

Violet: Having lots of young dog issue's. Sucking into gun stations and not picking up crippled birds. Good Attitude should be fine shortly.

Smokey: Still running great.

Brooke: Doing fine no big deal.

Sia: Marking and handling fine, Michelle is running in a hunt test soon.

Albert: Still on track and doing fine.

Scout: Doing good, advanced work seems to be agreeing with him.

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9 August Update

Posted by David on Monday, August 9, 2010,
Reese: Doing good on handling, just some hunting basics not to fancy. Marking and retrieveing bumpers very good. Still haveing issues with ducks. Seems to be getting better.

Violet: Working on burn to pile and marks. May need to revisit some obedince.

Smokey: Running great for Michelle. No more recall issues.

Brooke: Settled in and doing good. Can tell the owners have worked on doubles already.

Sia: Advanceing quickly. Doing good on both marks and blinds. Have started simple cold blinds.

Albert: ...
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2 August Update

Posted by David on Monday, August 9, 2010,
Reese: Doib good on bumpers, still no ducks

Violet:Stck to plie and doing good. Running hard on marks.

Bunsy: Doing great and gone home.

Smokey: Michelle is starting to run her. Doing fine. Wants to recall to me if I am on the gunstation.

Sia: Dstractions on pattern blinds. Michelle is running on marks, doing good.

Albert: Starting to improve. Running good

Scout:Doing good.

Brooke: In for doubles/WDX training.
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26 July Update

Posted by David on Monday, July 26, 2010,
Reese: doing ok. Just need to get him picking up thrown bumpers and ducks.

Violet: Done with 3 handed Cast and ready to move on. Swimming better too.

Bunsy: Running JH marks. Ready for his WD test.

Smokey: Passed both her JH tests this weekend. Way to go Smokey, 3 out of 4 and 1 to go!!! Issue from last week FIXED.

Sia: Taught blinds going GREAT. Ran his 1st cold water blind, Great.

Albert: Failed both days this week too. Found his issue. It is LACK OF COMMUNICATION, will be easy to fix. No tests ...
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19 July Update

Posted by David on Wednesday, July 21, 2010,
Reese: Doing good force fetch is almost done, just collar fetch left. Obedience is good.

Violet: Learning fast, doing 3 handed cast. Having lots of fun too.

Bunsy: Marking very well and runing hard.

Smokey: Passed 1 and failed 1 JH test at Finger Lakes Hunt Test this weekend. Found a small training issue, already starting to fix it.

Sia: Done with Swim-by and marking well.

Sonny: Earned his JH Title at Finger Lakes this past weekend. He was handled on all passes by his 15 yaer old owner. Congradul...
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12 July Update

Posted by David on Monday, July 12, 2010,
Reese: Doing good had a little bump this week.

Violet: Walking fetch is done and stick fetch is heading into collar fetch.

Bunsy: Done with Force Fetch and running regular marks. Doing great.

Smokey: Marking and hunting well. Distance issue working out.

Sia: Done with water force and into swim by, doing good. Posted as a started dog, on the web site.

Sonny: Did not come over this week.

Albert: Running good and trying hard.

Scout: Still working great.

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5 July update

Posted by David on Monday, July 5, 2010,
Reese: Done with Collar Conditioning and ready for "hold".

Violet:Done with "Ear Pinch". Into "walking Fetch". Doing fine.

Bunsy: Done with "ear Pinch, "wlaking Fetch". Onto stick and Collar Fetch. Working great, Attitude is fine.

Smokey: Some distance issues but working through it fast.

Sia: Done with TT. On to Swim By this week> Marking great and running strong.

Sonny: Ready to finish his JH and move right up into Senior.

Albert:Running good. Blinds are coming and marks are great.

Scout: Doing gre...
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28 June update

Posted by David on Monday, July 5, 2010,
Reese: Working on obedince. Doing fine.

Violet: Working on "hold", progressing fine.

Bunsy: Well into "force", Working on the buck, being stubborn.

Breeze: Went home and seems to be working well for mom and dad.

Smokey: Just came back ing on Sunday.

Sia: Debolted on the TT. Other wise doing fine.

Sonny: HIGH, but steady and working well both marks and blinds.

Albert: Spirtits are good marking well. Working through our blind issue.

Scout: Running great all around.

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24 June Training update

Posted by David on Thursday, June 24, 2010,
Welcome to the new site.

The dogs that are in training now are Breeze, Scout,Albert,Sia,Sonny,Violet,Bunnsy (Cinnimon Buns) and Reese. All are doing fine, Scout passed his Senior Test and Breeze passed her Junior test this past weekend at the Buckeye RC Hunting Test. Check back often as regular updates will start on Monday June 27 and be posted every Monday there after. We are also now back in Michigan.
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TN Training

Posted by David on Monday, May 24, 2010,

May 3

Dandy:Finished Collar Conditioning

Smokey:Done with Hold.

Sia:Marking well starting main line of "T".

Hank:Marking and steadiness good, Has not lost much over the winter.

Breezy:Obedince is good and marking fine.

Albert:Marking and blinds are on track.

Scout:Marks and blind doing good, running happy.

May 10

Dandy:Force Fetch going fine. Done with the "buck", onto small bumber.

Smokey:Walking Fetch into Collar Fetch. going fine, does not like collar corrections, neither did her...

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TN Training

Posted by David on Monday, May 24, 2010,

April 26

 Vioet; went back North with Michelle

 Dandy; Into collar conditioning and moving right along.

Smoeky; CC done moving right into hold. Doing great.

Sia; Still marking well getting back to handeling.

Breezy; Passed a JH this weekend, I found an issue or 2 on Saturday, but recovered enough for Sundays test.

Hank; Back in from last year and seems to be falling right back in line.

Albert; Also passed a JH, but could not make it 2 days in a row.

Scout; Running the happyest I have ...

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TN training

Posted by David on Monday, May 24, 2010,

April 19

Violet: Doing great, few issues this week. Down is much better.

Dandy: Also doing great on obedeince

Smokey: 1st week and doing great. Checked obedince and started Collar Conditioning.

Sia: Marking coming back with a short brake in handiling work.

Breezy:Ducks are back and so is her marks. Doing some great work this week.

Albert: Same boy as the last few weeks, doing good and getting better.

Scout: Attitude is good and he is even taking corrections and working through mistakes...

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TN training

Posted by David on Monday, May 24, 2010,

April 12

Violet: Obedince going good little trouble with down.

Dandy: Obedince is going great, no big issues.

Sia: Pile work still great , sitting from pile now. Marks dropping off a little.

Breezy: Marks are a little off this week, but she is improving.

Albert: Still doing great all around. He is really maturing nicely, took a 5pt major at a conformation show this weekend.

Scout: Attitude is better, running nicley.

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TN Training

Posted by David on Monday, May 24, 2010,

Well Dave packed the truck and headed out with 6 dogs.  We will picking some up down there.  Dave left at 12:30 pm and arrived at 12:30 am.  The trip was uneventful all the dogs traveled well.

Chili - Just going along for the drive and hopefully be bred if she comes in season.

Albert - Traveled well glad to be home and out of the cold. He will be finishing up his junior title and moving on to Senior.

Chemmy - She got to ride up front with dad she is having fun barking at the donkeys (they ...

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