Have been training just have not been posting much it seems like the summer has just flown by.
Have some hunt tests coming up.
Radar has gone home. He did great.
Bunsey still doing good getting ready to run a hunt test
Dandy Lots of attitude and loving to work
Violet moving ahead and getting ready for a hunt test
Chemmy: Ran senior did not pass we made it to the water. The
  one mark was just a little over her head.  She is getting ready to run her next senior in August.

Albert Has been doing well
Scout still moving forward and getting ready for Master.
Vanna she has a lot of energy and getting ready to run a hunt test.

Grandpa has been going to Radiation 5 days a week. We are almost done playing taxi and should be more regular on our updates.

Well I think the rest of the summer is going to be not so busy so getting updates up will be a little easier.