Sorry to have missed 3 weeks of updates, getting things in order in MI and training have been a little more than expected. Should be getting caught up from now on.

Abby: A new obedience trainee, doing good. In Collar Conditioning and advancing quickly. Been here since June 5.

Vanna: Running Full T and ready for TT. Attitude is great, line manners and marking improving too.

Bunsy: Running full T and doing very good. Attitude is good. Marks and steady ok, too. He is doing very good and I am not going to rush him.

Dandy: Doing very good on her swimming, steadiness and marking good too. Have taken a break from remote sit, was not making any progress.

Violet: Sits are Great. Things have finally clicked for her. Running TT and ready to move on. Marks and steady good too.

Cemmy: Tearing up every thing I throw at her. Running TT (done?), ready to move on. Marks and steady great.

Sonny: Home with his family. 

Remington: We have decided to retire him permanently, he may come out to play but, nothing to serious.

Sia: Doing good, He has been sold and is with his new family. He has a 30 day trial, all is well so far.

Albert: Still working on casting but, all else seems good.

Scout: Training good. Testing not so much. Has a good attitude in training, but worries himself wright out of the Master tests.