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Update March 2012 Meet the Crew

March 17, 2012

Axle: Black Lab male born sept. 2011  I bought Axle to resell as a started dog, so far so good. Obeidence has started.

Rowdy: Chessie female born summer 2011. Owned by the Swaffords. Obedience, Force Fetch and as far into handling as she can go before I head back north.

Vanna: Chessie female  returning to finish JH and beyond.

Anhi: chessie female   Returning to run JH and may go further.

Violet: Chessie female  Returning to run JH and beyond.

Cemmy: Chessie Female  Looking to run SH and beyond

Sonny: Chessie Male   Will be running SH and beyond.

Dandy: Chssie female   Returning to do her JH and may go further.

Albert: Chessie male  Will be return after he finishes his CD, will be running SH and byond.

Chilli: Chessie female looking to finish her SH.

Scout: Chessie Male   Looking to run MH.


Update October 10

October 10, 2011
The last hunt test for 2011 is done, did not do very well.

Bunsy, Albert, and Dandy are all headed home for the winter.

We will not be doing regular updates until spring training begins, watch for hunting high lights and memory moments.

Good Luck to all those chasing waterfowl and upland birds. The best of wishes to those still running fall Hunting Tests.

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Update October 3

October 4, 2011
Dandy: Failed both days, but got 3 of the 4 birds on Sunday and gave me the best effort ever. Entered this coming weekend.
Vanna:3 of 4 birds both days just could not hold it together. Done for the season.
Violet:Would not enter the water either day. Entered again next weekend.
Bunsy: NEW JH,Done for the season. Congrats bunsy.
Cemmy. Blew up on the test, entered this weekend.
Albert: Water issues again, entered this weekend.
Scout: Training fine, ready for hunting....
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Update 26 September

September 26, 2011
Dandy: Marking well, needs some work on perseverance. Entered in the upcoming HT.
Vanna: Marking well, blinds ok. Entered in the up coming HT

Violet: Field traing is good. Took a 1st in "Brace" with her father (Scout) at the St.Claire dog show. Same class at the CBR Nationals they took 2nd. Entered in the up coming HT.
Bunsy: Running good. Still some handling issues. Entered in the up coming HT.
Cemmy: Running great. Entered in the up coming HT.
Albert: Running very good. Won his "Stud Dog" ...
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Update 12 September

September 12, 2011
Dandy: Marking well and a good attitude.

Vanna: Marking and blinds are fine, progressing nicely.

Violet: Marking and handling well. Making lots of progress.

Bunsy: Discovered if you quit swimming than you sink and that makes breathing difficult. Love the self lessons.

Cemmy: Marking good and land blinds are fine. Almost done with swim-by.

Albert: Marks and blinds good. Great attitude.

Scout: Doing good. Have a few ideas to improve his test attitude.

All dogs are getting a little break from testing. ...
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Update 7 September

September 7, 2011
Dandy: Done beening in season, starting to work good again.

Vanna: Marking well and starting to handle on cold blinds.

Violet: Also back to normal, marking well and handling nicely.

Bunsy: Marking great, handling not so well. Doing ok.

Cemmy: Marking great and land blinds are very good.

Albert: Marking and handling pretty good. He has some off days.

Scout: Doing very good both marks and blinds.

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Update 29 August

August 29, 2011
Dandy: Still in season and running poorly. Just no concentration.

Vanna: Running very well. PASSED both JH tests at Marsh Banks Golden Retriever Club Hunting Test.

Violet: Also still in Season and not concentrating.

Bunsy: Running great. Also Passed both days JH at the MBGRC HT. He is spot on all the time.

Cemmy: Marking great, water blinds not so good. Failed both water seires at the HT, she just fell apart after I entered her.
 Great attitude though.

Albert: Training great and wants to work.

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Update 22 August

August 23, 2011
Dandy: In Heat and training like it. Not trying at all.

Vanna: Working good. Has young dog moments, but trying hard.

Violet: Coming in season right behind her sister (Dandy). Training about the same too. Would rather eat grass than retrieve.

Bunsy: Running at the top of his game. Having lots of fun.

Cemmy:Doing very well on marks, blinds still need work.

Albert: Doing very well, trying hard and even having some fun.

Scout: Running well and loosening up some.

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Hunting Test August 13

August 13, 2011
Violet and her sister Dandy decided that they could not run through a different brand of decoys. Failed on the 2nd mark.

Vanna made it to the last mark of the test but wind, a bird rack and lily pads were just to much for her.

Bunsy made the whole test look pretty easy. Congrats Jan!!!

Next Test in 2 weeks.

Now back to training for all of us.

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Getting Back into the Swing of things

August 12, 2011
Have been training just have not been posting much it seems like the summer has just flown by.
Have some hunt tests coming up.
Radar has gone home. He did great.
Bunsey still doing good getting ready to run a hunt test
Dandy Lots of attitude and loving to work
Violet moving ahead and getting ready for a hunt test
Chemmy: Ran senior did not pass we made it to the water. The
  one mark was just a little over her head.  She is getting ready to run her next senior in August.

Albert Has been doing well
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