Well Dave packed the truck and headed out with 6 dogs.  We will picking some up down there.  Dave left at 12:30 pm and arrived at 12:30 am.  The trip was uneventful all the dogs traveled well.

Chili - Just going along for the drive and hopefully be bred if she comes in season.

Albert - Traveled well glad to be home and out of the cold. He will be finishing up his junior title and moving on to Senior.

Chemmy - She got to ride up front with dad she is having fun barking at the donkeys (they ignore her) This last year was Chemmy's first hunting season and she did good.

Scout - He is ready to work.  He has 2 legs toward his senior so he is ready to finish up and get started with master.  He had a great hunting season.

Sia - New guy he traveled well.  I look forward to training him I worked with his mother and she was truley a joy.

Breezy - She is also a new girl.  Here for a refresher and see if we can get ready to get a junior title.

March 1

Albert -  Falling right back into training glad to be working.

Chemmy - Having fun and getting into training

Scout - never missed a beat and is going full speed ahead (he is his moms boy)

Sia - He is done with collar conditioning and ready for force fetch. he is moving right along.

Breezy - She is also done with collar conditioning and ready for a tune up in force fetch. She is starting to test me just a little but working through the issues fast.

side note - Ruby and Chili were both bred this week.

March 8

Breezy; Doing good. Done with basic force on to walking fetch.

Sia; Doing good. Done with hold onto ear pinch.

Scout; Doing great all around.

Albert; Doing great and even better than his father (scout).

Chemmy; Has been doing good until an injury today. We will see what happens.

March 15

Sia; Done with force except Collar fetch, only one or 2 days there. Doing great

Breezy; No issue yet done with force and moving on.

Scout: Doing great land and water. Ready for the first test of 2010, April 3-4.

Albert; Doing very well too. Also ready for the first HT.

Chemmy;Injured list.

March 22

Sia; Doing great making head way with real ducks.

Breezy: No sight of her issue. Working in cover and running water. Steadying nicly.

Albert; Doing great marks and blinds. Hot on the heels of his father Scout.

Scout; Doing great, needs to watch out for his son.

The first Hunt test was cancelled do to small entry.

March 29

Sia; Doing great, bird issue fixed. Moving on to 3 handed cast, doing good here to.

Breezy; Doing very good I think the issue is fixed. Although I never did get to see it. Marks are moving along nicely.

Albert; Doing great. Attitude is the best ever, getting some of his issues fixed.

Scout; Doing good. Starting to get a little pissy, we will have to see how he dose this week. Marks are good, blinds seem to be a little problem.

Dandy; A new addition. She is 4 months old and just starting training. Took swimming the other day and as only a Light Deadgrass can she earned her self a nick name. uss Dandy the nuclear powered attack submarine. You do know ducks are best retrieved off the BOTTOM of the pond!!!

April 5

Violet:Starting basic obedeince. 5.5 mounths today, has had ducks and been swimming a little, but not together.

Dandy:litter mate to Violet. Starting obedince training and doing fine. Still swimming and retrieving fine.

Sia: Doing great at marks and into pile work. Smart boy.

Breezy: Getting ready for JH and doing good. Marks are getting longer and harder.

Albert: Starting to really run nice, takes correction and keeps a good attitude.

Scout: Doing fine. A little less pissy this week. Maybe we can turn this corner.