May 3

Dandy:Finished Collar Conditioning

Smokey:Done with Hold.

Sia:Marking well starting main line of "T".

Hank:Marking and steadiness good, Has not lost much over the winter.

Breezy:Obedince is good and marking fine.

Albert:Marking and blinds are on track.

Scout:Marks and blind doing good, running happy.

May 10

Dandy:Force Fetch going fine. Done with the "buck", onto small bumber.

Smokey:Walking Fetch into Collar Fetch. going fine, does not like collar corrections, neither did her mother.

Sia:Getting Main line of "T". Slow but sure.

Hank:Marks fine. Handleing poor, dose not seem to remember much.

Breezy:All is well.

Albert:Doing good, some issues, working through fine.

Scout:Working good, attitude is up.

Ruby: Whelped her litter on Tuesday 5 /11.

May 17

Dandy:Walking Fetch into Collar Fetch, doing fine.

Smokey:May have an issue on water, or with bad birds. Otherwise doing great.

Sia:Full "T" and going strong.

Hank:Put on "T" and things are improving fast.

Breezy:Failed both days at Mid-South HT,  just bad luck and poor judges. Was much more undercontrole this time.

Albert: Mid-South HT. Finished his JH, Failed his 1st SR. Gave me great effort, water marks were over and deep of his JR marks from the day before, confused him greatly.

Scout:Mid-South HT. Failed both days but is getting better.

Chili: Had a C-Section (4 taken, 3 survived) on Tuesday 5/11 and then whelped 2  (both lived) more on Monday 5/17. This is NOT a typo.