Dandy: Marking well, needs some work on perseverance. Entered in the upcoming HT.
Vanna: Marking well, blinds ok. Entered in the up coming HT

Violet: Field traing is good. Took a 1st in "Brace" with her father (Scout) at the St.Claire dog show. Same class at the CBR Nationals they took 2nd. Entered in the up coming HT.
Bunsy: Running good. Still some handling issues. Entered in the up coming HT.
Cemmy: Running great. Entered in the up coming HT.
Albert: Running very good. Won his "Stud Dog" Class at the St. Clair dog show, had lots of fun at the CBR National. Entered in the Up coming HT.
Scout: Running fine. Not competing in HT any more this year. Looked very good at the dog shows. 


Hunting Tests the next 2 weekends in Cleveland OH. Then all client dogs heading home and I am duck hunting.