Axle: Hold and ear Pinch done. Going pretty good in walking fetch, distance block working out slooowly. Did a good Gun Station mark today.

Rowdy: Marks are great, done with s handed cast, on to pile work.

Vanna: Marks and blinds very good, getting confidence in blind worj.

Anhi: Has completely falling apart, no effort at all this week.

Violet: Doing a little better, more good days than bad.

Cemmy: Still running great, marks, blinds, land, and water. Ditto this week.

Sonny: NUUUUTTTSSSSSS!!!!!     Land is great, water is coming.

Dandy: Doing much better with and without mom.

Albert: Had a very good week getting more confidence in blinds.

Chilli: Making old dogs every were proud.

Scout: Another good week for Scout, very good today.