Sorry for the missed update last week. Had a death in the family and it just did not get done.


Axle: Stalled in 3 Handed Cast and distance block. Stubborn little cuss. He is showing small improvements each day.

Rowdy: Marks are holding up well and started mini-T. Almost out of season.

Vanna: Marks and blinds very good, just eats blinds. Coming into season, so things may slow down.

Anhi: Not much better.

Violet: Came in season and her attitude has improved some. Will most likely be back to her best in a week or so.

Cemmy: Still running great, marks, blinds, land, and water. Ditto this week. Cannot stump her, running very well.

Sonny: NUUUUTTTSSSSSS!!!!!     Land is great, water is coming. About the same.

Dandy: A little improvement again this week.

Albert: Running pretty good right now.

Chilli: Been on the injured list this week with a limp, hopefully back in training later this week.

Scout: Girls in season and Scout is not at his best, still doing pretty good though.