Weather has cooled down some, much more comfortable for us snow birds.


Axle: Collar Conditioning done. Into Hold and Force Fetch/Trained Retrieve, fighting just a little. Has a minor distance block for marks.

Rowdy: Force Fetch/Trained Retrieve done, into Walking Fetch and started Collar Fetch. Marks are good.

Vanna: Marks on land and water are good. Still showing she does not completely understand casting.

Anhi: Marking well, swimming not improving.

Violet: Marks and blinds doing just fine, some days better than others.

Cemmy: Still running great, marks, blinds, land, and water.

Sonny: NUUUUTTTSSSSSS!!!!!     Doing good, still needs work on water blinds.

Dandy: Coming along ok, does not have good work ethic. Cannot have mom any were around.

Albert: Reentered the field life with a bang. Running hard and having fun, doing very well all the way around.

Chilli: Finally seems to be in shape. Training is good blinds and marks.

Scout: Doing better this week, seems to be happy and wants to work.