Update August 20

Been awhile since I got around to this, Owners have been getting their private and detailed updates though.


Beau: Has gone home, Obedience and Force Fetch done. Tried an ACC WD, did not give much effort. He should be good for his owners though, will be keeping in touch.

Scarlet: Done with Force through Walking Fetch and Collar Fetch. Starting 3 Handed Cast.

Titan: 3 Handed Cast done , working on Pile work.

Curly: Gone home, Force Fetch went very well. Should transfer to his people just fine.

Axle: Blinds and Marks progressing well. Sit is still an issue at heal..

Rowdy: New JUNIOR HUNTER, moving on to Senior.

Vanna: New JUNIOR HUNTER, ran and failed a senior the next day. Entered in Senior this coming weekend.

Millett: Back for a week tune up before her 1st Senior Test, doning good.

Violet: Doing fine.

Cemmy: check out pics at dustyrosechessies.com Pups and mom doing great. Only 1 male pup avalible at this time, due to go to forever homes September 9.

Dandy: New ACC WD. Shorter and easier marks than JH tests, still not much effort on longer marks.

Bunsy: Doing very good on marks , blinds are improving nicly.

Albert: Not been training much, made a trip to Memphis TN for a breeding.

Chilli: Not sure what I am doing with her. May retire her with only 1 SH leg needed.

Scout: Running great, and a very good attitude. Ran test dog for the WDQ, did pretty good.