Scarlet: Here for some obedience and force fetch. Almost done with teaching obedience and ready to start Collar Conditioning.

Titan: Just a quick Force Fetch, doing great.

Curly: An almost 5 yr old CBR tha his owner has had trouble force fetching. Doing just great for me, in his 1st week. Buck and small bumper done.

Axle: Marks are great starting to run the big stuff. Main line of TT and force is done.

Rowdy: Marks and blinds did great work this week. Loves pheasant flyers.Vanna: Running very well, great attitude.

Bunsy: Back to try for an SH title. Doing great on land, ok in the water. Blinds are his issue, marks great.

Millett: Swim-by done. Marks and blinds very good.

Violet: Back slid a little this week. Again, still a little off.

Cemmy: Whelping box and mommy to be in the house.

Dandy: Doing some of her best work ever.

Albert: Having lots of fun and doing good work. Trying hard every day.

Chilli: Not sure what I am doing with her. May retire her with only 1 SH leg needed.

Scout: Back with his good attitude, been running very well.