Beau: Done with Collar Conditioning, doing just fine so far.

Scarlet: Force Fetch is going a little slow, having some aviodence issues. Working on Larg Bumper off ground, should be done soon.

Titan: Finished with Collar Conditioning, doing very good over all.

Curly: Moving on to pile work, still working on fetching at a distance under command.

Axle: On Pattern Blinds and starting to run double marks.

Rowdy: Passed both her JH tests!!!!Working on Pattern blinds and doubles.

Vanna: Passed 1 of her JH tests, still needs 1. Running very well in training, marks and blinds.

Millett: Gone back home, see ya soon girl.

Violet: Still improving, better attitude this week.

Cemmy: check out pics at Pups and mom doing great.

Dandy: Failed her hunt test, training is just ok.

Bunsy:Doing very good on marks , blinds are improving slowly.

Albert: Failed nhis test this week end training good though.

Chilli: Not sure what I am doing with her. May retire her with only 1 SH leg needed.

Scout: Running great, and a very good attitude.