Sorry for the laps in updates. Got a little hectic coming back north. Will be on schedule from here on, watch for them on Mondays or early Tuesday.

Axle: Pile work and marks. Doing good on marks, starting to run to pile, finally.

Rowdy: Came North to run Junior and hopefully Senior Hunting Tests. Doing pretty good.

Vanna: Steadying improving and doing nice work overall.

Millett: Vanna’s sister in for a month or 2 for swim-by and handling tune-up.

Violet: Turning in some pretty nice work lately. Almost ready for a try at SH.

Cemmy: Ultrasound to confirm babies this week, wish her luck.

Sonny: Gone home for a break, should be back shortly.

Dandy: Been testing the rules some, but doing pretty good here in the North.

Albert: Back to training and running very hard. Having lots of fun and doing good work.

Chilli: No limp and swimming about every other day. Old dog enjoying life.

Scout: Still running great, looking forward to getting him back in the tests. Even running good with mom around.