Axle: Pile work and marks. Doing good on marks, starting to run to big dog setups. Pile is progressing nicely starting to sit on the whistle to pile.

Rowdy: Marks are improving and working on handiling.

Vanna: Steadying improving and doing nice work overall. Working on SH level marks and blinds.

Millett: Water force went very well, working on doubles too.

Violet: Back slid a little this week.

Cemmy: Whelping box under construction, looking forward to moving into the house.

Sonny: Gone home for a break, should be back shortly. Working on this.

Dandy: Been testing the rules some, but doing pretty good here in the North. Made a little improvement this week.

Albert: Having lots of fun and doing good work. Hoping to run some SH soon.

Chilli: Not sure what I am doing with her. May retire her with only 1 SH leg needed.

Scout: Had a pissy day or two but came around quickly.