Axle: Black Lab male born sept. 2011  I bought Axle to resell as a started dog, so far so good. Obeidence has started.

Rowdy: Chessie female born summer 2011. Owned by the Swaffords. Obedience, Force Fetch and as far into handling as she can go before I head back north.

Vanna: Chessie female  returning to finish JH and beyond.

Anhi: chessie female   Returning to run JH and may go further.

Violet: Chessie female  Returning to run JH and beyond.

Cemmy: Chessie Female  Looking to run SH and beyond

Sonny: Chessie Male   Will be running SH and beyond.

Dandy: Chssie female   Returning to do her JH and may go further.

Albert: Chessie male  Will be return after he finishes his CD, will be running SH and byond.

Chilli: Chessie female looking to finish her SH.

Scout: Chessie Male   Looking to run MH.