Axle: On lead obedience is very good, should be in Collar Conditioning late this week. Sit, heel, and down are all very good, stays are coming fast.

Rowdy: Obedience is great, collar Conditioning is done. Will start force fetch on Wenesday.

Vanna: Coming along well. Running her 1st blinds and marking well too.

Anhi: Has BIIIG Mommy Factor, works ok when mom is not around, but if mom is near forget it.

Violet: Blinds and marks are tuning up nicely. A little remote sit issue coming back in.

Cemmy: Running hard and doing great.

Sonny: NUUUUTTTSSSSSS!!!!!     Everything is at warp speed, doing pretty good overall.

Dandy: Also mommy factored, not as bad as Anhi though. Not running as well as Anhi when mom is not around.  Just not into retrieving at the moment.

Albert: Still waiting to run his CD test this coming weekend.

Chilli: Trying to strengthen and condition her physically. Older dog just not in the swing yet. Training is good blinds and marks.

Scout: OK His poor working attitude is rearing its ugly head a little, we shall see.