Axle: Back on 3 handed cast doing better, still working on sit.

Rowdy: Doing good, has a small distance issue on the “T”.

Vanna: Attitude is still good. Running well.

Anhi: Not much better.

Violet: Did some very good water work this week.

Cemmy: Has been bred, so will not be training much. Will work in the water a little to keep her in shape.

Sonny: NUUUUTTTSSSSSS!!!!!     Swim-by about done. Did some great water work this week. Even ran a short cold blind.

Dandy: A little improvement again this week. Still working through some issues.

Albert: Running very good right now. Great marks and blinds this week, in between breedings to Cemmy.

Chilli: Recovering, mainly swimming to keep her strength up. Limp has come back.

Scout: Has turned in some very nice water work this week. Both marks and blinds.