Axle: Done with 3 handed cast, steadying. Water marks are good.

Rowdy: About done w/”T”. Water force and swim-by started.

Vanna: Water blinds and marks are good. Doubles are nice.

Anhi: Back to mommy. Will try again in the fall.

Violet: Water marks and blinds doing very good.

Cemmy: Has been bred, so will not be training much. Will work in the water a little to keep her in shape.

Sonny: NUUUUTTTSSSSSS!!!!!     Water marks and blinds improving daily.

Dandy: Has improved nicely, will be going North to train and run JH.

Albert: Disappointed his girl does not love him anymore. Doing very good in training.

Chilli: No limp and swimming about every other day.

Scout: Has turned in some very nice water work this week. Both marks and blinds. Ditto, again this week.