Update May 28

Axle: Intro to indirect pressure and some water marks this week. Did very good.

Rowdy: Done with “T”and water force. Working on swimby and marks. Doing good.

Vanna: Water blinds and marks are good. Doubles are nice. Lots of confidence this week, need to crack down on steady.

Anhi: Back to mommy. Will try again in the fall.

Violet: Water marks and blinds doing very good. Maturing nicely

Cemmy: Has been bred, so will not be training much. Will work in the water a little to keep her in shape. Getty chubby changed her food, enjoying her swims with few rules.

Sonny: NUUUUTTTSSSSSS!!!!!     Water marks and blinds Doing pretty good. Steady too.

Dandy: Has improved nicely, will be going North to train and run JH. Holding her own this week.

Albert: Had ingrown hairs on his head, result of an injury a while ago. Was doing good, but on the injured list for this week and next.

Chilli: No limp and swimming about every other day. Old dog enjoying life.

Scout: Still running great, looking forward to getting him back in the tests.


Next week update will be from the cold north in Michigan. Going to miss the warm weather, snakes not so much.