Axle: Have returned to basic obedience, need to get sit and here fixed. Will slowly return to casting.

Rowdy: Out of season and running on the T.

Vanna: Attitude is still good. Running well.

Anhi: Not much better.

Violet: Doing about her best.

Cemmy: Still running great, marks, blinds, land, and water. Ditto this week. Cannot stump her, running very well. Finally came in season.

Sonny: NUUUUTTTSSSSSS!!!!!     Been working on swim-by. Doing very well.

Dandy: A little improvement again this week.

Albert: Running pretty good right now. Has run hard on blinds all week.

Chilli: Recovering, mainly swimming to keep her strength up. Limp is improving daily.

Scout: Has turned in some very nice water blind work this week.